Do you believe in ghosts?  I don’t. But now I have one.

And in as much as I convince myself they are not real. Freaky things do still happen!

For over a year now, it wasn’t even something I put much thought into before, it was happening so infrequently, there was the smell of cigarette smoke, in my bedroom.  You would find me running around my bedroom, to see what the hell could be burning up there.  Sniffing at walls and windows, and then it’s gone, just like that.  So I’d forget it, til the next time….

Then I’d chase around my bedroom once more, searching for the cause of this smell.  Then after a few more times, always very infrequent, it could be over a month each time, I would start checking the kids bedrooms, for any signs of cigarettes, or the smell of cigarettes on their clothes.   Never nothing.

I’d be up in the attic, sorting through costumes, or grabbing something stored up there.  And I’d smell cigarette smoke. No stove lighting, to cause this smell. No one home but me. Strange and weird.

Sometimes in the mornings, when I’d get into my car first, the smell of cigarette smoke is there, in the car.  It is really unusual.

I was so busy this year, I didn’t get to consider it much.  But now as it gets more regular, once every two weeks, I have to admit, I think that a ghost has attached itself to me.  Only last week, I chased the smell around my bedroom again, Leanne came in, asked what’s up, I said, do you smell that, she says no, the cigarette smoke Leanne?, she says no Ma, your crazy.  So does nicky.  I said it to him the next day.  He calls me his crazy wife. 🤔  Hhmmppttt men for your life.

Yeap, me the unbeliever, I think I have a ghost.  There is no bad feelings around, it is just a ghost.  The spirit, I don’t know if male or female, is just there, causing no mischief to me.

Two weeks later – I’ve named my ghost Casper now. He is still visiting me. But I have tried to send Casper on now. I’ve burnt sage , I’ve bathed in salt, and I’ve lit a candle in mass, and said a prayer for Casper. So we will see, if I have successfully sent my smoking Casper to a nicer place.

Casper likes wine too, but he only takes one glass out of a full bottle and leaves the rest. I end up having to throw the full bottle out, because I don’t know when Casper has drank from it. Wine does go off once opened doh. Why doesn’t the ghost just drink the full bottle.

Maybe I am crazy like Nicky says. Well I am crazy about the waste of wine anyway. I don’t drink wine at home anymore. Unless I’m sleepwalking and drinking wine. Hmmmm pause for thought.

Nope it’s not the kids… they are fed up with me asking them stupid questions about smoking and drinking. Sure as they say, they know they can talk to me about it. I am a very open and reasonable mum.

But that doesn’t explain the unexplainable. So then I’m left with a ghost. So I have Casper. The friendly ghost 👻 that likes to drink a glass of vino and smoke a cigarette.

anyone out there any ideas on this?

Anything strange happening in your neighborhood?