My Best Friends Birthday

Hi to all ye readers, thanks for reading my posts. It’s much appreciated. My memory isn’t always the greatest, so it’s great to get some memories on this.

My best and closest person to me is my first cousin Mary. It’s her birthday today. We didn’t always get along. I was a right bitch, back in the day, still am 😉 but she persevered through my rudeness, until eventually I realised what an amazing person she was.

To put up with me, you’d have to be pretty amazing. I’m hard to deal with. And that’s no lie. But Jesus can i make a fuss sometimes about the little stuff. Yes I can. 😉 but only to my dearest and nearest. I’m sweet as pie to the world. Butter wouldn’t melt. I have the sweetest smile.

To those I have stropped with, be warned, your hitting into my closest friendship range. Get out now! While you still can. 🤣

Mary’s not by any means perfect. But she’s my closest friend. You know, she’s that person who once she is in a room, you know there’s somebody there that has your back. Your safe in the knowledge she’s around. My go-to person. And I hope I’m her go-to person too.

It’s nice to have the knowledge of this strong bond. And know it’s guaranteed. Doesn’t waiver, always there. If we fight, we fight it out there and then. And boy have we had some fights over the years.

I’ve thrown a bowl of rice crispie cake over her head. We have physically fought it out, leaving bruises on each other. The screams that we shared with each other. The blood and the tears… loads of them.

But now with families, it’s a quieter fighting. It’s a hmmm and leave the house. But return again always, when moods have changed. Because we certainly don’t always agree. Friendships aren’t that easy folks.

And it’s harder to get the chats in, with busy lifestyles. But it doesn’t stop our friendship. It’s just there. Always has been. And we still get up to a little mischief from time to time.

I’d love to revisit my youth again. We spent every spare minute with each other. Getting up to all sorts. But it was always great fun.

I suppose like us, everything changes. We get older, we get busier, life rushes past us. It’s not always the easiest to meet up, let alone, go out. But it’s the friendship which is the key. To have it there is amazing. A gift.